Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Abortion Business in Kenya

From Life News:
Nairobi News Nation reports abortion activists with Marie Stopes International visited the Archbishop Boniface Lele Secondary School Mang’elu in Kitui, Kenya on Wednesday, supposedly to give a presentation to school girls about health awareness. But, unbeknownst to parents or school administrators, the abortion business also allegedly gave long-lasting birth control to dozens of teenage students. A spokeswoman for Marie Stopes refused to discuss the claims.

According to the report, about a dozen girls between ages 14 and 17 received Norplant, a rod inserted under the skin that releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. The birth control device is supposed to last up to five years. “We are shocked that this was allowed to happen,” said Munanie Muusya, whose daughter received a Norplant. “What those people did will encourage our girls to carelessly engage in unprotected sex and that they can easily contract sexually transmitted diseases.”

Many are calling for a thorough investigation of the pro-abortion group and the school, including Sen. Enoch Wambua who represents the area. “Exposing children to contraceptive treatment of whatever nature without the consent of their parents is unacceptable,” Wambua said.
Kenyan Catholic leaders also said they are investigating the Catholic-sponsored school. “The Catholic strong stand against contraceptives is widely known,” Kitui Catholic Diocese Secretary for Education Father Julius Muthamba told the news outlet. “It’s sad that this happened inside a school that we sponsor, but more fundamentally the negative effect in spoiling the girls’ morally.” (Read more.)

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