Friday, October 27, 2017

Apple Time

 From Victoria:
From iconic Red Delicious—mellow and best enjoyed fresh out of hand—to Granny Smith—the tart and juicy baking favorite—these treasures of the orchard offer myriad culinary possibilities. For a simple yet refined dessert presentation, clouds of Apple-Brandy Sabayon cushion luscious Caramel-Braised Apples. Simmered in a sugary syrup enhanced with butter, heavy cream, and Calvados, Granny Smith apple halves cook until gloriously ambrosial. Whether savored with a cup of coffee in the quiet, early morning or served at the end of a lively family dinner, Apple-Pecan Sticky Bread offers melt-in-your-mouth comfort that suits any occasion. Apple Butter flavors the twisted dough, while a jelly glaze gives the decadent pastry its lustrous sheen. (Read more.)

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