Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Uses of Roses

From Southern Lady: 
Delicate and feminine, the rose’s circle of overlapping petals composes the perfect bloom. It is no wonder that we so often select them to add splendid natural beauty to our home décor. While a fresh bouquet always brightens a room, using fabrics designed with a rose motif offers a perennial way to beautifully display this floral favorite. Decorative roses date back to pre-historic times. The flower’s earliest known representation took place around 4000 BC, when it was engraved on silver votive medals. Perhaps because of the rose’s historical significance, it can be easily incorporated into classic décor. Textiles with rose patterned prints or embroidery blend seamlessly with antique furniture and decorative accents. Use these fabrics to upholster newer furniture, and quickly create an elegant addition with heirloom-quality appeal. (Read more.)

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