Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Return to Versailles

From Madame Guillotine:
A visit to Versailles is always a massive treat and especially so when you’re there with someone special who has never been before and so get a chance to show off all your special history and art history knowledge to a (mostly) captive audience! I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Versailles six times now, first going there in 1989 when I travelled to Paris for the bicentenary of the French Revolution, and feel like I have been privileged to see the palace grow, change, develop and even blossom over the decades since that first amazing visit. I remember that back in the late eighties, Versailles was a lot more rough and battered around the edges than it is now – it was still stunning, of course, and jaw droppingly magnificent but there was much less of the building open to the public and it definitely lacked the contemporary slickness that today’s palace enjoys thanks to the €500 million renovation currently underway to refurbish the rooms, make more of the palace accessible to visitors and also modernise the facilities. (Read more.)

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