Saturday, July 29, 2017

Do Children Belong to the State?

Little Charlie Gard is dead. The government usurped the place of the parents. From The Federalist Papers Project:
What’s most disturbing about this case is that the State believes they know better than parents on what’s best for their own child. What’s even more disturbing is those on the left believe the same thing. As discussed at NewsBusters:
In a piece for The Guardian entitled “Despite Charlie Gard’s Tragic Story, We Must Respect The Process Of Our Courts,” UCL health professor, Ian Kennedy, expressed sympathy for the plight of Charlie, but ultimately justified it on the basis that “children do not belong to their parents.”
…As a society, we must choose how to decide such heartbreaking cases. Of course each child is different, but do we accept that there should be principles and rules, whatever the circumstances, that guide us as we try to work out what’s best? These are the steps. The first is to recognise that children do not belong to their parents. Second, when a claim is made that parents have rights over their children, it is important to step back and examine the language used. We need to remind ourselves that parents do not have rights regarding their children, they only have duties, the principal duty being to act in their children’s best interests. This has been part of the fabric of our law and our society for a long time. Third, if we are concerned with the language of rights, it is, of course, children who have rights; any rights that parents have exist only to protect their children’s rights.
In other words, parents have no actual rights to make decisions for their children if the State doesn’t agree with those decisions. Parents are simply guardians of their own children and the State knows better. This is the society we live in today. The left believes parents aren’t the best “deciders” for their children; rather, the “experts” and the all-knowing bureaucrats know exactly what children really need. And this line of thinking isn’t just in Europe. (Read more.)


julygirl said...

The courts can be wrong and that is why in the past certain laws have been example being the Misogyny Laws prohibiting mixed racial marriages. How the courts ended up making decisions of that nature is something we must not allow. Mothers have the right to abort their child, but interfering with a parents right in making decisions regarding their child in a situation as the one mentioned is unacceptable.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, those ridiculous miscegenation laws, which everyone flouted anyway, had to go! Strange that mothers have the right to kill their child but not to care for it in a dire illness.

Unknown said...

This is evil.