Monday, July 10, 2017

Children Are Not Social Experiments

From Matt Walsh:
But the most important issue, again, is not what this delusional, narcissistic woman and her pretentious, asinine lawyer choose to do. The issue is that an innocent and helpless child is being sucked into this black hole of lunacy. In saner times, the child would be removed from the home and the mother committed to a mental health facility, but we do not live in those times. Now, all we can do is sit back and watch as an entire generation is cannibalized by the LGBT agenda.

We need to understand that this child is being actively deprived of something essential to health and survival. Not food or shelter, hopefully, but something even more fundamental: identity. A child needs to know who he is. Don’t tell me he’ll “choose.” Sex cannot be chosen. And, anyway, small children lack the knowledge, foresight, or wisdom to choose even the things that can be chosen.

Have you ever asked a 4 year old kid what he wants to do today? Or what he wants to eat? Or what show he wants to watch? Have you ever given a small child any kind of open ended choice at all? If you have, you know how it works. You sit there forever waiting for them to decide, until finally you just decide for them. I made the mistake of asking my son what he wanted for lunch a few days ago, and I watched him agonize over the question for several long minutes before finally settling on ice cream. Stupid me. Of course he’ll choose ice cream if I give him a choice. That’s why I shouldn’t have given him a choice. “No,” I said. “You’ll have peanut butter and jelly.”

“But I don’t want that,” he shouted.

“You’ll eat it,” I responded.

He did. And thank God I didn’t resolve to just feed him whatever he wants every day, because if I did he’d be dead from malnutrition within the week. That’s because he’s a child. If my son is this indecisive and unintentionally self-destructive in his dietary choices, I can only imagine what would happen if I told him he’s some sort of shapeshifter and he can assume whatever identity he wants every day. His identity would surely change 8,000 times per hour, and he would never settle on his actual identity because he doesn’t really know or understand his actual identity. He needs his parents for that. Why is this so hard to understand? (Read more.)

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Two tyrannies:
1) gender less parenting
2) suggestions of mental health institutions and removal of child

I happen to think the former being bad enough (but the child might survive it), the latter is the worse.

It was not typical of the times Chesterton called "saner", but of the ones he called recent and insane.