Thursday, June 1, 2017


Here are my thoughts on seeing the model of Trump's bloody head paraded in public by a woman with the mouth of a sewer. Violence and sexual depravity are inextricably linked. The explosion of porn at the beginning of the French Revolution cannot be separated from the heads that were paraded in public, including the heads of the king and queen. Trump, like Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, is a flawed human being. But like them, he is not a villain. Not a saint, but definitely not a villain. Furthermore, Trump is the head of state. When the President of the United States is attacked in such a manner, it is an attack on all the people. It is an attack on faith, on morality, on family, on all the things that Americans hold sacred. The people who attack Trump in such a manner do not care if our children are corrupted. They do not care if our children are blown up by terrorists. They do not care if we become slaves and chattels of a socialist government and the new world order. They do not care, they despise us, and they would trample on all of our freedoms if they could.

From the Independent Journal Review:
Independent Journal Review wanted to know how people who have actually seen beheadings felt about the issue. We spoke to Hamody Jasim, author of “The Terrorist Whisperer.” Jasim worked as an intelligence asset for the U.S. government during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Jasim was involved in a number of top secret missions. But one thing he did that's public knowledge is stop a suicide bomber from blowing up American troops who worked in a room in the building where he was posted. Jasim has seen some horrific things in his life, and in the fight against jihadism. He didn't hold back on his feelings about Griffin's photo shoot:
I understand she’s an Emmy Award-winning comedian, but beheading is a not a thing to joke around about. During my time in Iraq, I’ve seen too many headless bodies to count. I’ve seen bodies where the head had a drill put through it. These people were killed by Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Iraq, which we know as ISIS today. Part of my job was to bring these bodies to the hospital so their families could identify them. I’ve seen the tears well up in people’s eyes as they come to retrieve their family member who had their head cut off.
Jasim explained how Griffin's 'art' is benefiting ISIS. “Griffin holding up a Donald Trump head covered in blood is no different than when ISIS puts out videos of its young recruits slitting the throat[s] on dolls. She isn’t speaking a language of comedy. Whether she knows it or not, she is speaking the language of terrorism. Her decision to do the photo shoot and share it is benefiting ISIS. She is making light of something that is killing people all the time,” said Jasim. (Read more.)

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