Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Pillory

The fact that the fall of two young people has become a national story and the young girl is being treated like another Hester Prynne is unspeakable. It is even more terrible that I see Catholics giving their approval to her public shame. We should not pillory people, especially young people. It is a matter for girl's family to handle. I am at a loss for words. It seems we always swing from one extreme to another in this country. From Fox News:
Eighteen-year-old Maddi Runkles is the center of a storm of controversy, because her Christian high school in Hagerstown, Maryland refuses to allow her to take part in commencement exercises on June 2. The reason: she is pregnant.

Pro-Life groups are blasting Heritage Academy officials for standing by their decision, they say Maddi should be congratulated for choosing life, and that their actions set a bad precedent since other teens in a similar predicament may simply opt to have an abortion.

David R. Hobbs, the school's principal says he is simply holding Maddi accountable for her actions, because she, and all Heritage Academy students, signed a pledge to abstain from sex outside of marriage, as well as staying away from alcohol and drugs. These are the two major reactions to the Runkles’ conundrum, each side basically accusing the other of not standing up for a greater value. But there’s another value that’s gone unnoticed in all of this.  That’s the value that effects the child. I would like to focus on him or her for just a bit. 

My hope is that this child will be brought up in a loving and healthy home with parents who love and adore this miracle bundle of life. (Read more.)

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