Friday, June 2, 2017

250 Years of Wedgwood

From Victoria:
The definition of tableware was ultimately re-created when Josiah Wedgwood had a vision of perfecting the customary creamware made by potters several years prior. His creation is known today as Wedgwood. The one-of-a-kind earthenware, veiled in a rich glaze, became a magnificent masterpiece. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the pottery grew to prominence at majestic events and was a central component of newfound customs, such as afternoon tea. The creamware’s stunning design, with its delicate edges that resemble linens and lace, attracted the attention of England’s Queen Charlotte, who paid Josiah the supreme compliment of allowing him to call his new pattern “Queen’s Ware” two years after its first production. From that point on, the Wedgwood name would forever be known. (Read more.)

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