Thursday, May 18, 2017

Louis XVI Trial and Execution Documents

Everything is now online. To quote:
We recently began digitizing the Louis XVI Trial and Execution Collection, a collection of more than 500 pamphlets on the imprisonment, trial, and execution of King Louis XVI of France. The pamphlets were collected at the time of their publication (primarily 1792-1793), and are housed in contemporary bindings with boards covered in pink pastepaper and blue paper spine labels. The pamphlets contain evidence against the king, defense of the king, public opinion on both sides of the issue, and moral and political reflections on judging and executing a king. As a whole, the collection provides a balanced view of a tumultuous period during the French Revolution, as France transitioned from a monarchy to a republic. Read all of the pamphlets in the Louis XVI Trial and Execution Collection on Internet Archive. They are always free to download, read, and repurpose!

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