Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why Planned Parenthood Must be Defunded

From Life Site:
Moderator Jake Tapper interjected, accusing Ryan of "[believing] in providing more choice for people when it comes to health insurance – except for Planned Parenthood."

"Well, there’s a longstanding principle that we’ve all believed in — and by the way, this is for pro-choice/pro-life people — that we don't want to commit taxpayer funding for abortion and Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider," responded Ryan. "So we don’t want to effectively commit taxpayer money to an organization providing abortions but we want to make sure that people get their coverage."

"That's why there's no conflict by making sure that these dollars go to federal community health centers, which provide these services and have a vast, larger network than these Planned Parenthood clinics, which are surrounded by a lot of controversy," continued Ryan. "And we don’t wanna commit people's taxpayer to effectively funding something that they believe is morally unconscionable. Not everybody believes that – I understand that. But that's a longstanding principle we've had in this country that we wanna maintain."

"Of course, taxpayer dollars don't fund abortions, right now, right, because of the Hyde Amendment?" Tapper asked.
"Right, but they get a lot of money and, you know, money’s fungible and it effectively floats these organizations which then use other money," said Ryan. "You know, money’s fungible. You don’t have this controversy by funding health centers."

Ryan also promised that repealing Obamacare is a top priority for Republicans. "We're working on this as fast as possible," he said. The goal is to repeal and replace Obamacare "at the same time, and in some cases in the same bill."

Watch the full exchange here.

Planned Parenthood commits an average of 897 abortions each day. Ninety-four percent of its pregnancy-related services are abortion. Its executives have been caught haggling over baby body parts. Investigators have also caught Planned Parenthood aiding child sex traffickers and covering up sexual abuse. (Read more.)

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