Sunday, March 5, 2017

Onionskin Paper

From Victoria:
Nancy Sharon Collins has forged a path as a stationer. She has been a proponent of proper letterhead since the early 1970s, when she purchased a large quantity of onionskin on a whim. Today, she sells this same collection in her online store, along with artisanal notepads and bespoke stationery. “I didn’t know that the simple purchase I made then would create such a wonderful business opportunity for me,” Nancy says.

Onionskin, being lighter than most paper, was once widely used for its portability. However, because it is not compatible with printers, it fell out of fashion. Its recent resurgence could be attributed to the fact that it takes ink wonderfully, encouraging the writing of beautiful longhand. The experience of writing on it might be called ethereal. (Read more.)


Stephanie A. Mann said...

I used to love writing on onionskin paper; it made me feel like I was Jane Austen or some other great English author of the 18th century!

elena maria vidal said...

I used to use it, too! But I hardly ever write letters anymore. That must change......