Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Comparing Trump to Hitler

It would be a waste of time to deign to acknowledge such a stupid comparison, except for the fact that such a comparison minimizes the fates of the millions imprisoned, tortured and murdered by Hitler and the Nazis. A woman born in Nazi Germany speaks out. From The Independent Journal Review:
Professors shouldn't be telling their students to go after freedom of speech. They should be telling them that this is the greatest country in the world. The demonstrators can't tell you why they're demonstrating. I'm not a Republican. I'm not a Democrat. I just want the country to be at peace. I see what is happening here reflecting some of the things we saw in Germany, and it's terrifying. It's sad. But it's not because of Trump. It's because of poor education. Trump is not like Hitler. The theory that he is is propaganda. Yes, I lived through some of Nazi Germany, but all you have to do is read some books about that period to see how wrong that theory is. (Read more.)

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