Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Iroquois Confederacy

From Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Blog:
We found this topic on the Haudenosaunee to be a captivating topic  because of the working thriving nation they were prior to the American Revolution but also because we wanted to view them as Benjamin Franklin would have – contemporaries or as equals. Many Iroquois today and in the past like other Native Americans and American Indians are well educated.  Appreciating their rich heritage, I have tried to leave off stereotyping or the view that the American Indians history was one tragic event after another. There is debate about when the Confederation was formed. Most historians believe it was formed by 1630. Historians can agree that in 1722, the Tuscaroras (6th nation) joined the Confederation. Whenever it was formed, the 5 Nations (then 6) was a well established union following a constitution they called “The Great Law of Peace”. Their Great Law of Peace was a democratic structure already in progress. Had the Iroquois played a key role in influencing American democracy? Are they the Forgotten Founders? (Read more.)

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