Friday, January 6, 2017

The Church of Forced Abortion

From Fr. Frank Pavone:
A&E network just aired its fifth episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, an eight part documentary exposing the unbelievable institutional abuse of the Church of Scientology. Each episode has featured mind blowing personal accounts by former members of isolation, interrogation, forced captivity, separation from family members, money extortion and fraud. The church’s victims include the cult leader’s own father, Ron Miscavige.

Perhaps the most mind blowing of all, are the reports of frequent use of coercion and intimidation to force couples to abort their children. The church’s Sea Organization, a high ranking level in the hierarchy of Scientology, depends on the heavy labor of its young members. Interestingly, the majority of these accounts happened to married teens- another strange characteristic of Scientology. Any interruptions to grueling work hours are resented and “discouraged”. Since Miscavige came on board, having children has been banned for Sea Org Members. The church has denied this claim.

However, married couple Marc and Claire Headley told a different story. When Claire discovered she was pregnant at 19, she was isolated and separated from her husband. “Auditors” interrogated her for hours until they broke her down mentally. According to Headley, this is typical procedure for members of the elite Sea Organization.  Children and families only get in the way of the mission of Scientology to “clear the planet”- whatever that means.  Uncooperative Scientologists are labeled as “suppressive persons” and cut off from spouses and immediate family forever. Those who escape and are recaptured are assigned to years of hard labor and rationed food. (Read more.)

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