Monday, January 16, 2017

The Apartment of Madame de Taillac

From The Telegraph:
 Her New York home saves on hotel bills and also doubles as a showroom and lunch venue for VIPs. “I wanted to create something that felt European,” she says. “I used a certain shade of blue for everything which matches some of the stones I use in my work. It’s very calming. It’s a colour I really loved as a child. New York has so much energy, which is great when you are doing 10 appointments in a day and you’re jet lagged, but I also need an environment that’s calm. When you walk into this space, you’re transported from the chaos of the Avenue downstairs. You feel out of time. I wanted it to feel historic.”

The all-blue interior was inspired partially by visits to Marie Antoinette’s estate, and partly by the purchase of a pair of 19th century Austrian crystal light fittings with highly detailed mirror detailing, that are on the wall in the bedroom. “They were the starting point for the whole interior,” she says. (Read more.)


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