Friday, January 27, 2017

No Room at the Inn for Christians

From Global Christian News:
That today is the experience of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi Christians. They are excluded from the normal refugee camps, either through fear – with a long history of massacres of Christians in the region, or through prejudice. Some time ago the persecuted church agency, Barnabas Fund, asked Christian leaders in the Middle East if they knew of any Christians in refugee camps. One told us “we did once have a couple who tried to live there, we had to get them out in the middle of the night when we heard people were planning to kill them.”

Many Christians fleeing the war in Syria live in half-built buildings or makeshift shelters, not dissimilar from the cold, damp conditions Jesus was born in. Just as Herod’s genocide in Judea targeted a specific group, Jewish boys under two, so the genocide in Syria specifically targets Christians and other non-Sunni Muslim minorities such as Yazidis and Shi’a.

Yet, the extraordinary thing is that the refugee policies of western countries such as the USA and UK admit only a tiny handful of Christians. This number vastly underrepresents the proportion of Christians in Syria’s pre-war population, but is truly shocking when Christians are being specifically targeted by jihadist groups intent on cleansing the area of its entire non-Muslim population. (Read more.)

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