Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Poetry of Passementerie

From Victoria:
Scalamandré’s timeless trims, tassels, and tiebacks weave a legacy whose fine silk thread runs through the world’s most famous and fabulous homes. From frilly French fringes to bold beaded braids, we revel in the romance and see history in the making, one stitch at a time. Scalamandré’s history is as rich and intricate as a floral-shaped curtain tieback. The company has been making luxury trims, fabrics, and wallpapers for designers, preservationists, and architects ever since its founder, Franco Scalamandré, set up shop in this block-long factory in 1929. The family-owned company, with factories around the globe, also makes vintage reproductions for virtually every historic house in America, including the White House. (Read more.)


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