Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Perfect Bath

From Inside Chic:
Going back to antiquity, we started with the Egyptians, whose obsession with cleanliness was such that they discriminated against cultures whose members didn’t follow their own bathing customs; their bathing rituals expressed a view of the bath as a font of hygiene, health, and healing. The Greeks refined the language of tubs and basins to the form that persists today, encouraged the habit of bathing as a means of relaxation, and – in the belief that specific natural water sources had been blessed by the gods – connected the ideas of cleansing and healing…

Modernity, to be sure, offers many advantages over antiquity. But the idea of the bath as a place of relaxation, reflection, and restoration, developed by the ancients, is one that has never been improved upon – all we can do is translate that timeless concept into a personal reflection of contemporary life. (Read more.)

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