Thursday, December 8, 2016

Setting Fitness Goals

From Inside Chic:
Schedule your workouts, time in nature, meditation and sleep just like you schedule your work appointments.  Put them in your calendar and show up on time!  Being aware of what sends you off track and then finding ways to overcome those obstacles will make things easier.  If you are someone that skips meals because you’re running around all day and then binges on the first thing you see when you have a moment, keep a healthy snack or meal already on hand.  If you know you can’t get in a workout on a particular day, try to sneak in extra movements in other ways. Pick a parking spot that is a little further away from your destination, take the stairs, or get out a stop early on the subway or bus.  It doesn’t need to be all or nothing. When it comes to sticking to a routine setting workout goals you can achieve is one part, scheduling your time to accommodate your workouts is another, but finding something you like doing ensures you will actually want to do it! (Read more.)

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