Thursday, December 8, 2016

Holiday Plans

From Inside Chic:
Since my children are older now and the older ones are only briefly in town from college, they like to be with their friends as much as possible. This year I’m going to host a multigenerational holiday sing-a-long cocktail party. I have hired a person to play holiday tunes on the piano, and I am inviting family and friends, as well as my children’s friends and their parents! I know the kids won’t stay all that long but it’s a nice way to catch up with everyone, and I like a party where people have an activity to do sometimes. And after the teenagers leave, I will still have the adults linger over cocktails for some holiday cheer, plenty of champagne and lots of laughter. I don’t believe in trying to make the holidays more complicated, but I do believe in extending a little bit of extra effort and stopping to celebrate to make them more enjoyable! (Read more.)

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