Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dress from the Sea

From Vintage News:
When the divers had separated the loot from the wreckage, they realized it was more than just a bag of rags; that they had most likely found an important piece of history.  They found a rather well-preserved dress that could be linked to the Stuart Dynasty.

After finding the dress, researchers had begun looking for some documents to prove whether or not this dress belonged to one of the Stuarts.  They found some documentation for one of these ships having carried Queen Henrietta Maria, the wife of Charles I.  She had been traveling to Holland in 1642 when her ship sank in the same area as where the wreckage was uncovered.

The researchers have gone as far as suggesting that the gown belonged to Jan Ker, a Countess of Roxburghe.  She had been known as one of the controversial Catholic advisers to the queen, and had gone along on the journey with Queen Henrietta Maria during the early years of the English Civil War. (Read more.)

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