Friday, November 18, 2016

Worn By Royalty

From Christie's:
‘Jewels play numerous and diverse roles in our lives,’ writes Francois Curiel, who joined the Jewellery department at Christie’s in 1969, in the foreword to Vincent Meylan’s meticulously researched new book. ‘But, above all, jewels are the embodiment of beauty,’ Curiel states. ‘They have been coveted by the most memorable names in history, heroes and villains, famous lovers, glamorous stars, distinguished families, commanding dynasties.’

Meylan's book, Christie’s: The Jewellery Archives Revealed (ACC Art Books), is filled with fascinating stories about royalty and leading figures whose jewels have passed through Christie’s salerooms over the last 250 years. Here, we present a series of extracts on important auctions with a royal theme. (Read more.)

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