Monday, November 7, 2016

Learning to Grow Through Our Faults

From The Catholic Gentleman:
Deriving profit from our faults is one of the most important topics in the spiritual life. It is quite certain that, in the designs of God, the faults into which He permits us to fall ought to serve for our sanctification, and that it depends on us to draw this advantage from them. Nevertheless, it happens, on the contrary, that our faults themselves do us less harm than does the bad use we make of them. What I have to say on this subject has nothing to do with those cowardly souls who use reserve with God and who wish to belong to Him only up to a certain point. They commit de­liberately and knowingly a thousand faults, from which it is impossible to draw any profit, on account of the bad disposi­tions in which they are. The persons for whom I write are those who have made up their minds never deliberately and with intention to commit a single fault, and who nevertheless do fall into many faults, in spite of their good resolutions, through inadvertence, or on the impulse of the moment, or through weakness. (Read more.)

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