Thursday, November 17, 2016

How Emotionalism is Slowly Replacing Rationalism

From Intelletual Takeout:
Been offended? Proclaim it from the housetops… or at least from Facebook and Twitter. Feeling marginalized at college? Demand a safe space. Need some way to express your anger at police violence? Loot a store or riot in the streets. It would seem that the repeated commands we’ve been fed in recent years to “let it all hang out,” or “express what you’re feeling” have been taken to heart.

But considering that self-command over one’s emotions was believed to be the wiser course for years, we should ask ourselves whether our full blown embrace of emotions is a good thing. Is it possible that we have embraced the emotional outpouring in life because it is one of the few weapons with which we have left to work? Have we marginalized rational thinking and reasonable discourse to such an extent that the only way we can get our point across is to yell, scream, cry, or rant? Although it’s never stated outright, Jane Austen’s Elinor is clearly portrayed as the stronger sister because of the control she exhibits over her emotions. Perhaps Americans would be stronger as a nation if more of her citizens stopped playing up their emotions and instead practiced greater self-command. (Read more.)

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