Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hood College Girls

Halo Meadows
Surprise! I am ranked as number five in a list of the seven most famous alumni of Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, formerly a women's college but now co-ed. (This accounts for the one man on the list.) The rankings appear to be based upon hits to Wikipedia. I find it amusing since somehow I was left out of the college yearbook the year I graduated. I am preceded by the fashion designer Claire McCardell, who also grew up in Frederick. Claire and I are both preceded by the burlesque dancer Halo Meadows. Too funny. When I went to Hood in the 80's, the school was in the throes of the feminist movement, which is one of the reasons I disassociated myself from women's lib and everything it entailed. However, I must say that at a recent Hood function in Easton, I was impressed by the new president and the ladies who were with her from the school. They were refined and polite, intelligent and cordial, dressed beautifully and we had some wonderful conversations. And the other alumni were delightful ladies, too. I actually felt glad and proud to be a Hood girl. Share

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