Sunday, November 13, 2016

Deplorables Strike Back

From Church Militant:
A woman who has championed child murder (even in its most gruesome and obvious form, late-term abortion) and a radical feminism that has deeply corroded authentic masculinity and wreaked havoc on the family, who has been supportive of every modern evil, colluded with every government agency imaginable to cover up her serious crimes, sneakily cooperated with the national media to ensure all her secret dealings remain secret, perjured herself repeatedly before Congress, lied to the FBI during questioning, bilked hundreds of millions from foreign governments in a mafia-style, pay-for-play scheme, and exposed national security secrets by her careless and sloppy handling of them, went down to a crushing, near life-ending defeat on Tuesday.

The Clinton Dynasty has at last come to an end in the world of American politics — which is even more stunning when it is taken into account that it appeared so completely dominant just one week prior and prepared to completely ensconce the evil wrought by 40 years of Democratic Party wickedness that had been let loose on the American nation. (Read.)

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