Sunday, November 6, 2016

Christians Have a Responsibility to Vote Pro-life

From Dr. Alveda King:
“As Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn for Priests for Life, I encourage you to visit our page to review the platforms of the candidates in the upcoming elections. Also, please join us in praying our “Election prayer for Life,” King continued. “As we pray, let’s remember that his is such an important era in the history of America. We have fought and won many battles. Too many of our young people don’t know our history; many of us have forgotten. All lives hang in the balance.”

“Civil rights. Human rights. It all goes together,” King said.

“Women absolutely have a right to choose what we do with our bodies, I’ll argue anybody down who says we don’t. But then the baby needs a lawyer. Where’s the baby’s lawyer?” King described her personal experience with abortion, saying that she had two forced abortions.

“I did have some secret abortions myself, which I repented from when I was born again in 1983,” she said. “I drank the abortion Kool-Aid temporarily because I thought it was the answer.”

It was after this that she became involved in the pro-life movement. She is committed to protecting unborn and their mothers. She explained to the students: “We need to figure out how we can protect women, keep women healthy, have a good community, without killing anybody. And it can be done.” (Read more.)

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