Friday, October 14, 2016

Organizational Tips for Homeschoolers

From Seton Magazine:
Our family has worked hard de-cluttering and organizing during the summer, but we have learned that simplifying is a constant work in progress, and can never be really accomplished in one fell swoop. Although the task of simplifying can be a life-time project, there are little things we can do in our homes so things don’t pile up during the year and distract us from our homeschooling journey. So I’ve created a list of organizational hacks that have worked in our Little Home in the Hills and would love to share them with all our homeschooling families:

1. School Boxes For Each Child

School boxes are a hit in our home. It is the perfect place to put each child’s school books, papers, supplies or any supplemental books they want to read during the school year. (Read more.)

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