Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Finding God's Will

From Seton Magazine:
By now, many of this year’s high school graduates have begun their first semester at college. Others are searching for a job or discerning their vocations. For some, it’s an exciting time, filled with the promise of a bright future. But for others, the future can be a daunting prospect. That’s hardly surprising, given the contradictory messages coming from society! One minute, we are practically superhuman, capable of success in anything so long as we believe in ourselves. The next, we are helpless victims caught in the twin fists of Fate and Fortune. Society has a ready-made solution for this terrifying contradiction: mediocrity. In fact, it has even invented a System to easily attain mediocrity, a System that all high school graduates are expected to follow:
  1. Go to college
  2. Get a degree
  3. Get a job that will support the American lifestyle
  4. Make money in relative security
It doesn’t matter whether the young adult in question is a man or a woman; whether he or she is called to marriage, singlehood, or consecrated life; or whether, most importantly, this is the path God has destined for him or her....

Abandonment to God’s Will is the only strategy that guarantees life success. If, by abandoning ourselves to His Will, we appear a victor in the world’s eyes, we win. If, by abandoning ourselves to His Will, we appear a loser in the world’s eyes, we still win. No “System” is right for everyone. Our society is wrong to assume that. In the end, only God knows what path will make us happy, and also save our soul. If we truly give our will to God, all that is left for us to do are two things, and they are very simple. The first is to “glory in our infirmities,” as St. Paul would say, for it’s precisely our weakness that allows God to work such marvels through us! (Read more.)

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