Sunday, October 16, 2016

Father Pavone Speaks

When it comes to abortion, we Catholics are obligated to vote against the candidate who favors the annihilation of the unborn. That is the issue which takes precedence over all others. Hillary Clinton wants to expand abortion and make all of us pay for it. Catholics who help her get elected by voting for her are placing their souls in danger. Catholics who help her get elected because they do not want to "soil" themselves by voting for Trump must answer to the Almighty God if Hillary is elected. From Life News:
A vote is not a character endorsement or the passing of some kind of virtue test. A vote means that of the current viable options, this is the person most likely to advance the common good. I hope my doctor is virtuous, but when it comes to treating me, whether he has made lewd comments doesn’t enter into the equation. And if an emergency medical technician is saving my life or that of a loved one, I really couldn’t care less, in the midst of that emergency, whether he has made lewd comments or committed any  sexual sin. This is an emergency moment for our nation, and there are only two options right now for who will take the helm. Beggars can’t be choosers.(Read more.)

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