Saturday, October 22, 2016

Abortion Demeans Women

Abortion has nothing to do with empowering women. It has everything to do with reducing them to objects of pleasure, who can be forced to have an abortion when the men in their lives do not want to be bothered with a child. From Life Site:
Thanks to the advent of the birth control pill and contraception, sex has turned into a recreational activity. Men and women engage in it, while floating in and out of relationships. Both sexes use each other in the promiscuous lifestyle made possible by birth control. When the contraceptives fail or are not used, women can become pregnant when they did not plan to be. Having enjoyed sexual relations without the worry of fathering an unwanted child, some men lose their minds when they learn they got a woman pregnant. Such men may threaten to leave their pregnant women altogether, unless they procure an abortion. Women can be caught in this dilemma if they wish to keep their babies. The love these mothers want so badly to experience is conditional on there being no children in the picture. If the mothers resist the pressure to abort, then they could be left to raise their children alone. Deadbeat dads often try to wash their hands of any responsibility for their own flesh and blood. Rather than helping women to fulfill their creative potential, abortion allows men to manipulate women into squashing it. (Read more.)

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

AND when the pregnant woman is 13 to 15 also some PARENTS may panic over their jurisdiction not allowing her to marry the child's father and their economy not allowing him to support the child when born, and also avail themselves of legal abortion while pressuring the one who is "supposed to" be taking the decision.