Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Battle is Here and Now

From The Integrated Catholic Life:
The battle isn’t spectacular or dramatic. It is quiet and commonplace. It is found not in public professions of faith with our arms outstretched in front of the firing squad. It is found in the quiet defiance of parental peer pressure that says our kids have to go to certain movies or have certain gadgets. It is not found in secret hiding places. It is found in monitoring the social media use of your sons and daughters, using things like Covenant Eyes to help them be chaste, and being an example to them by your own behavior.

We used to talk about the battle. But we never dreamed it would look so ordinary. Perhaps it would be easier if it were more dramatic. Maybe we would feel like we were doing something if it was spectacular. Instead we feel weighed down by the mundane, like our trivial daily tasks are meaningless. Or we feel helpless like Sisyphus against the rock that is the secularization of culture. We had grand dreams of heroism. But now, in the midst of Honda Odysseys, school lunches, commutes, and coworkers, do we recognize that we are being heroic?

Maybe someday, the battle will be what we pictured. When we hear stories of martyrdoms in France or in Africa, perhaps our vision of an underground Church is not far off. But for now, for those of us raising children, ministering to parishioners, or working in the world, we are called to save the world in much more ordinary ways. The battle is not out there, in some grand last stand. It is in here- in your home, your school, and your workplace. It is fought by raising children who know the love of God because they’ve witnessed it from you. It is fought by resisting the cultural confusion over gender identity and the brainwashing of our minds about the meaning of marriage, family life, and even love. It is fought by persevering in holiness, even when society tells you it’s not worth it because the future is too bleak. (Read more.)

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