Sunday, August 28, 2016

On the Abuse of Divine Mercy

From St. Alphonsus Liquori, quoted by Church Militant:
Saint Augustine says that the devil deludes Christians in two ways: "by despair and hope." After a person has committed sin, the enemy, by placing before his eyes the rigor of divine justice, tempts him to despair of the mercy of God. But, before he sins, the devil by representing to him the divine mercy, labors to make him fearless of the chastisement due to sin. Hence the saint gives the following advice: "After sin, hope for mercy; before sin, fear justice." If, after sin, you despair of God's pardon, you offend Him by a new and more grievous sin. Have recourse to His mercy, and He will pardon you. But before sin, fear God’s justice, and trust not to His mercy; for they who abuse the mercy of God to offend Him do not deserve to be treated with mercy. Abulensis says that the man who offends justice may have recourse to mercy; but to whom can they have recourse who offend and provoke mercy against themselves? (Read more.)

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