Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Camping: The Perfect Vacation

From Seton Magazine:
Taking the kids out into the woods eliminates the usual distractions. In the woods, there is no TV (unless you go in a loaded up R.V….so don’t do that!). There is limited cell phone reception, and kids are separated physically and electronically from constant contact with their friends. It’s a natural opportunity for family time.

What my own kids love best about camping are the simple things. They love getting to explore woodsy trails on their bikes, long hikes, swimming in the clear waters of a lake, paddling off in a kayak, learning to build a fire, and staying up late telling stories under the stars. Other ideas for simple family fun while camping include the following. Play tag or teach your kids any of the other forgotten games of childhood such as clapping games or jump rope rhymes. (Read more.)

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