Sunday, July 10, 2016

Versailles and the American Revolution

From the Versailles website:
As the first country to recognize the United State of America as a new Nation, it was France’s duty to commemorate the event, especially in Versailles where this decision was taken, where the war of independence was supported, and where the peace treaty with England was signed in 1783. The exhibition aims to remind facts that are often forgotten but which bear testimony to the circumstances, scale and consequences of France’s involvement in the war.

The exhibition will recount the events and highlight the context of French and English rivalry after the seven years' war as well as internal divisions in the French side, the American side between “patriots” and “loyalists”, and the English side due to some opposition to the way the settlers were treated.

It recounts the decision-making process at Versailles, the personalities of key figures notably Benjamin Franklin and the exact locations in the palace where discussions were held. Finally, it explains the international spread of the fighting, from India across the Mediterranean sea to the shores of America and the human losses due to the violence and scale of the battles, which were the largest of both the 18th and 19th centuries. (Read more.)

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