Monday, July 11, 2016

The Coming Civil War

From Deal Hudson:
Social media erupted with more calls for more cop killing — see the worst of them here. To cap it off, anyone who carried a Trump sign in public is risking physical harm, perhaps death. Attacks on Trump supporters have, sadly, become routine at his campaign events, one of the worst being in San Jose. In the wake of the Dallas tragedy, Hillary Clinton lectures white people on why its their responsibility, and Loretta Lynch promises BlackLivesMatter that they will not lose their freedom to demonstrate. In other words, they offer comfort to the killers and blame the victims. How do we know a violent disposition exists among these BlackLivesMatters protest.  Moments after five Dallas police were killed groups from the “peaceful” demonstration celebrated nearby and reported delight with the murders via twitter.

Jesse Jackson, predictably, blamed Donald Trump for the “anti-black” mood that fueled the Dallas shootings. The Republican National Convention promises to be a non-stop riot with various groups vowing to shut it down. There is even a “Resist the 2016 Cleveland RNC” page on Facebook. I wonder how quickly a similar Facebook page encouraging demonstrations at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia would be shut down.

Obama, meanwhile, smiles broadly and toasts David Cameron with champagne, far away, and denies the deep division he’s helped to create in our nation. I’m sure he didn’t consider returning to the USA for more than a nano-second. We are in serious trouble here in the United States. We desperately need new leadership who don’t care about approval from the mainstream media or the elites here and overseas. These new leaders need to simultaneously seek justice against those who commit violence and address the causes of the violence without playing the race card, as Hillary Clinton did after the Dallas killings. Seeking justice does include addressing unnecessary police force against minorities and racial profiling.  The death of Alton Sterling confirms, once again, that there are police using their power and authority to express their prejudice through violence.  It has been reported that the Dallas shooter was motivated by the desire for “payback” against “whites” and police officers. (Read more.)

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