Sunday, July 10, 2016

Richard II

From Once I Was a Clever Boy:
Fletcher gives a very significant re-interpretation of the King's policy and aims, and of the reign in general. Those who do not know this fascinating period would probably need to read Nigel Saul's Richard II (Yale UP) or a similar narrative biography first, but Fletcher is certainly now essential reading to begin to assess the King and his reign.

King Richard II was an image conscious monarch if he was nothing else, and this gives me the oportunity to post a photograph of one of the lesser known depiction of the King.  It is from a charter granted to Shrewsbury in 1389, and an image that has only become widely known ( if that yet indeed) in the last quarter of a century or so. This image relates, I suspect, to the use of Christ-like imagery to describe the King in 1392 at the time of his reconciliation with the city of London which Christopher Fletcher discusses in his book.
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