Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Millennial Medievalists

I do not agree with everything in this article but some interesting points are made. From The Christian Review:
In the Age of Discovery, Christian missionaries found half-dressed savages, with tattoos and piercings, and civilized them. Now, their work is decried by secular millennials who emulate the “Noble Savage.” In the same vein, they attack Christopher Columbus who helped to Christianize the western hemisphere as if he was a conquistador. In the name of the god called Diversity, they give equal status to all religions. Reality and illusion, truth and falsehood, goodness and evil are all thrown into their lukewarm stew of mediocrity. “Whatever” is the motto of secular millennials, who are also fascinated by the Dark and Middle Ages, but for them, these are merely settings for cable series with lots of sex and violence. The lack of creativity in this generation is also manifest by countless sequels of films.

Meanwhile, devout Catholic millennials are busy building figurative ramparts and moats to keep the barbarians away. They fill their lungs with incense and watch young priests donning amices in long liturgies that increasing resemble Eastern Orthodoxy. Ironically, the great minds of the Middle Ages broke out of the Dark Ages and made great progress. Hopefully, millennial medievalists will do likewise. (Read more.)

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