Sunday, July 24, 2016

5 Reasons for Teaching Children to Write Thank-You Notes

From Enjoy the Learning Journey:
  • It causes your child to reflect on what they have received and who they have received it from.
  • It teaches them what gratitude looks like because yes, showing gratitude does take a little bit of effort.
  • It allows them to practice their writing skills.
  • It causes other people to feel good because not only do people like to be appreciated but most people also enjoy receiving notes from children.
  • It provides the perfect opportunity to teach your children about addresses, the postal service and how to properly address an envelope.
If you have a child that isn’t writing well yet that is okay! There are ways to work around that. You can involve them in the process by asking them what they’d like to say, scribing it for them and then having them sign their name. (Read more.)


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