Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Versailles of Louis XIV

"Marie Antoinette made things tricky for the makers of the BBC2 period drama..." Actually, Marie-Antoinette should not be blamed for remodeling the original Versailles. Most of the changes occurred during the reign of Louis XV, before she even set foot upon French soil. She redecorated the Queen's apartments but lack of money limited her creative impulses. Even at her Trianon she kept most of the furniture that had belonged to Madame du Barry. But the article is interesting all the same. To quote:
See if you can spot the scenes that really are shot in Versailles...
"The problem with Versailles is the gardens are open seven days a week, and the building is only closed on Mondays," says Chelli. "So we booked Mondays to shoot stuff that is so specific to Versailles, which was usually the Marble Court.
"Carriages would drive into the Marble Court and up to its beautiful gilded door where they'd set down their nobles. So we shot a lot of the arrivals there. It’s big and so beautiful.
"We also filmed in the gardens and the Grand Canal – an ornamental lake, which reflects the sunset." (Read more.)

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