Monday, June 20, 2016

My Trump Sign

It has been stolen twice now, so here is a letter I wrote to the local paper:
I wish to inform the person or persons who keep stealing my Trump sign that there are more intelligent ways of championing your candidate than stealing a sign out of my yard. You can (1) volunteer at the local DNC headquarters where you will be able to (2) make phone calls and mail out flyers on behalf of Hillary or Bernie. (3) Instead of stealing Trump signs, you can put up Hillary or Bernie signs in your own yard and around the county. (4) There are such things as Twitter or Facebook which are the latest and greatest means of promoting a candidate. (5) You can write letters to the editor, start a blog, host a rally, and call popular talk radio shows. These are more effective ways of promoting Hillary or Bernie than breaking the law, trespassing, and stealing my yard sign. All that will do is encourage me to call the sheriff (which I have already done), and replace each sign stolen with twenty more signs, placed all over the county. Plus it encourages me to more actively support Trump, as I already do daily, on Twitter and Facebook. So by stealing my Trump sign, you are helping the Trump movement, not hindering it. Also, as there will soon be hidden video cameras in my yard, I will send your picture to Hillary Clinton so she will know you are willing to break the law on her behalf.

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