Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Smell of Sunshine

From author Amy Schisler:
Memories are funny things, elusive little pieces of time that slip in and out of the mind on the tails of the spirits of the past.  This time of year, those spirits conjure up so many memories for me.  Mother’s Day always reminds me of my grandmother who I loved so much and miss every day.  The smell of lilacs in the spring brings to mind carefree days readings books in the backyard of my childhood home.  The anticipation of summer reminds me of all of the time I spent in a little town in St. Mary’s County called Bushwood.  How I loved spending long, lazy days at my grandparents’ home in the country.  I crabbed with my grandfather in the Wicomico River in the mornings and walked the tobacco fields next to the house in the afternoons.  I can still close my eyes and remember the sweet scent of the leaves that were so large I could sit under them and shield myself from the sun’s scorching rays. (Read more.)

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