Friday, May 6, 2016

The History of Hat Tipping

From Nobility:
The custom of a man tipping his hat to others derived from an ancient practice. When knights in medieval times wanted to express friendly intent, they would raise their face masks and reveal their faces. The practice of saluting is also derived from this friendly exchange between knights.  Lifting one’s armor mask eventually evolved into the custom of “tipping” or “doffing” one’s hat to greet or acknowledge another, women in particular.   

“If a gentleman meets a gentleman, he may salute him by touching his hat without removing it, but if a lady be with either gentleman, both hats must be lifted in salutation. If a gentleman stops to speak to a lady, in the street, he must hold his hat in his hand during the interview, unless she requests him to replace it. With a gentleman friend etiquette does not require this formality.” From Frosts Laws and By-Laws of American Society, 1869 (Read more.)

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