Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New High School History Textbook

From Yahoo Finance:
Lands of Hope and Promise, the newest high school history textbook in a series of highly praised, beautiful history textbooks published by Catholic Textbook Project, earns the highest praise from Monsignor Sal Pilato, superintendent of high schools, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and others.

“As a former secondary history teacher and principal,” says Monsignor Sal Pilato in recommending Lands of Hope and Promise to high school educators in the archdiocese, “I can say that these are excellent textbooks that really fill an important gap in our efforts to teach the full story of history, the honest story which includes the Church's role in the formation and growth of our country and civilization. I encourage you to look at them carefully and consider them for your American history courses.”

Michael Van Hecke, M.Ed., school headmaster, founder and president of the Catholic Textbook Project, is grateful but not surprised by the praise.

“We are very attentive to producing well-researched, accurate history textbooks that present history as a real-life human story,” says Van Hecke, “because ultimately that’s what history is; the story of significantly impactful human achievements and decisions, good and bad, over the centuries.”

“The journalistic, story-like narrative writing style of these history textbooks,” Van Hecke explains, “quickly engages students in a way that makes them want to keep learning and to keep reading.” (Read more.)

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