Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Vatican and the Poor

From The Catholic World Report:
This is not the first initiative on Vatican grounds to be directed at offering concrete aid. Since early 2015, the Vatican has provided persons in need access to showers, and even a barbershop run by volunteers. Many barbers have volunteered with enthusiasm, including two barbers from the national Italian organization that transports the sick to Lourdes, and other international shrines.

“It seemed right to also provide free medical visits,” Archbishop Krajewski added, saying it is “an indispensable service to the health of the poor who live among us.”

And in October 2015, Pope Francis and his fellow Jesuits converted an old travel agency into a dormitory for the homeless.

Residents in the new “Gift of Mercy” house are welcome to stay for up to 30 consecutive days, and a schedule is set by the Missionary of Charity sisters who help keep things running smoothly. (Read more.)

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