Friday, March 18, 2016

The Forgotten Americans

Some uncommon common sense from Van Hipp:
One thing is for sure this 2016 presidential race, the “silent majority” is no longer silent, and everybody knows it.  But who are these people?  Before President Richard Nixon called them the “silent majority,” he called them the “forgotten Americans.”

The forgotten Americans love their families and want a better life for their kids.  The forgotten Americans work hard—they weren’t born on 3rd base and thought they hit a triple.  They worship their God and they go to church.  They pay their taxes and obey the law.

The forgotten Americans believe in American exceptionalism.  When America’s security is threatened, they are always the first to volunteer to defend her.  They understand and appreciate the sacrifices their forefathers made to give them a land of opportunity and freedom.  And they respect and appreciate those in the military and in law enforcement who put on the uniform everyday to protect those freedoms and keep us safe.

Yes, the forgotten Americans love their country, but today believe their government and its leaders have let them down.  They see Judeo-Christian values under attack.  They are concerned about the erosion of the freedoms they cherish.  They worry about America’s economy and each has a family member or knows someone who has looked so long for a job that our government doesn’t even consider them unemployed anymore. (Read more.)

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