Monday, March 14, 2016

Five Tips for Morning Time

From Classically Homeschooling:

1. Start Small

First we need to start small. Don’t plan a three hour morning time right off the bat. The kids will never sit still that long. Instead begin with something small, but something important to you. This could be a prayer or poem to memorize. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to start the day by reading a chapter out of The Hobbit. Maybe picture study has been nagging you for several months now. Choose one thing to begin, and do it every morning.

2. Use a Signal to Begin

I’ve heard of families using signals to signify that morning time is about to begin. Bells, alarms, or music can be used. There’s always the old standby of calling for the kids to meet you in the kitchen. Using a bell or music to let children know it’s time for morning time creates a sense of ritual. It becomes a beautiful part of the day, not just mom racing around the house nagging everyone to come to the kitchen.

3. Have a Plan

Nothing is worse than collecting the kids and herding them to the table just to realize you have no idea what to do. Have you ever done that? I certainly have! I end up trying to ad lib morning time while the kids get more and more restless. My advice, don’t try to ad lib morning time. Have a plan for what you’d like to do and stick with it. Otherwise you’ll end up with a cheerful riot on your hands. (Read more.)

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