Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Art in the Service of the Church

From Regina:
In a daring voyage of self-discovery, two women leave their lives in NYC and Seattle to study painting in breath-taking Florence, Italy. Here, they discover their ability to make beautiful Catholic art modeled on the Old Masters. On the way, one of them – fascinated by the life and work of St Francis of Assisi – becomes Catholic. They decide to work together to produce a master copy of the “The Triumph of St. Augustine,” a Baroque masterpiece (Claudio Coello, 1664).  As Catholic artists, their purpose for this painting is to focus on art in service of the Church.

Art produced in collaboration is not about the individual artists but about the power of art to give glory to God.  Sacred art of this kind has a long and rich historical tradition and the power to transform lives.  While contemporary art has moved away from this historical basis, today there is a resurgence of interest in sacred art based on realist principles. (Read more.)

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