Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Rise of Trump

From PJB:
Buchanan, former speechwriter and White House adviser to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, is legendary amongst conservatives for his insurgent Republican presidential campaigns during the 1990s, which laid the intellectual groundwork for the conservative nation-state movement. Buchanan has been credited with presaging the revolt which has manifested itself in the 2016 election and for correctly predicting the consequences of mass migration, ideological free trade, and military adventurism — predictions which were largely dismissed at the time he made them.

This week, Trump seemed to scandalize the collective consciousness of professional Republicans with his Saturday debate performance in which he launched a full-throated assault on Bush Republicanism. Trump repudiated all three pillars of Republican globalism: namely, military adventurism, immigration multiculturalism, and trade globalism. (Read more.)

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Unknown said...

I have yet to wrap my mind around what is really going on behind the Trump thing. I have run into a lot of well meaning, highly passionate people that see enough to know that the same old answers never have and never will provide what they want.

Populism is such a dangerous thing. An entire segment of the population feeling abandoned is a dangerous thing.

Trump seems to be filling that void, but I am just not certain he will represent what his populist supporters really want.